Is Your Camera Recording You Right Now? Laptops And Privacy

Your camera could be recording you right now and you might not even know it. Spyware programs can tap into web cameras, so if a device is connected to the internet, it could be accessible. If you're concerned about your personal privacy, there are some things you should know. Accessing Laptop Web Cameras There are many "hacking" solutions that are specifically designed to access web cameras. These solutions may scan for laptops that are vulnerable and may then access the camera using a backdoor software solution.

5 Office Lighting Options That Aren't Fluorescent

Lighting is an important often-ignored part of your office décor. It affects your employees' morale and your customers' perception of your business. It also affects your bottom line, by generating high energy bills. You want to make sure you give it the attention it deserves. Fluorescent lights consume a lot of energy to light and to stay lit. They also emit carbon dioxide which can be harmful. Fluorescent lights are also harsh and can make it difficult to concentrate and trigger migraine attacks.

Uses for Thermal Cameras

A thermal camera is also commonly referred to as an infrared camera. These cameras are designed to use infrared radiation in order to create a picture showing different colors in the dark. This makes it easy for you to see or find something in darkness that you otherwise wouldn't be able to see with a regular camera or even with the bare eye. When something emits a different temperature than the surrounding temperature, it can be picked up on these cameras in a way that allows you to see the shapes of what you are looking at.

3 Things To Look For In A Cell Phone Repair Center

These days, your cell phone is your constant companion that keeps you connected while you are on the go. Because the cell phone is such a big part of everyday life, it is highly prone to being damaged in some shape or form. Phones get dropped on the ground, accidentally dipped in water, lost off the top of vehicles, and pretty much everything else you can imagine. Thankfully, there are all kinds of repair centers out there who specialize in cell phone repairs, but how do you find the best?

Want To Turn A Recreational Room Into A Theater Space? What To Do

If you have a recreation room in your home and you have tried to get a large screen television, and a couple of pieces of sound equipment to make it like a theater, this probably isn't working out. If you want to have the real feel of a theater in your home, and you want to utilize the space to the best of its ability, you want to bring in the professionals.