Need A Heavy Duty Power Cord For Outdoor DIY Projects? What To Know Before You Buy

If you are looking for the best power extension cord to help with your DIY projects, there are some things you may not know that you have to take into consideration. You have to make sure that you purchase a cord that isn't just going to help, but that will also be safe. When you start to compare the different models and options of the different products, paying more to get a higher quality cord is the best option. The job and power you need will affect your choice. Make a list and then go over these things before you buy.

Power Ability

Not all extension cords are going to deliver the electricity that is needed at far distances. If you know that you need 100 feet of extension cord or more, than you have to find a cord that offers at least  13 amps of power. You have to pay more for a stronger electrical producing cord, but if you are working with large power tools or items, you need to have power.


You are investing your money in a power cord that you want to last. You want to get a cord that is heavy duty, that is resistant to moisture, UVA and UVB rays, and that has an abrasion resistant exterior. This cord should also be flexible so you can move it around and it will bend with ease. IF not, you are going to be replacing your cord frequently.

Temperature Use

There are some extension cords that are designed for usage in hot weather or cold weather. If you live somewhere that the temperatures are often high throughout the year, you don't want to worry about the wiring and cord overheating and causing a safety concern for you and the area or home. If you live in a moderate or mild climate and temperatures get frigid, you need a cord that can still be flexible and won't freeze.

Buying a power extension cord is something that has to be done with knowledge if you want to get a cord that will last and that works as you need it to. Take the time to invest the money and research the different types of power cords that may be the best option for you, and then review customer comments. This way you can buy with confidence that the cord is going to work when you are ready to start your next project.