Preparation Tips For Selling Your Smartphone

With electronics and smartphones becoming such a cornerstone of life management, many people keep their entire lives stored in their phones. While this is convenient, it can also be a security risk. This is especially true if you decide to sell your smartphone and replace it with another one. Before you sell your iPhone or other smartphone, there are a few things that you should do to protect all of your personal data.

Make A Complete Phone Backup

Whether you opt to back up the phone through a cloud storage space or to a memory chip, you should make sure that you have a complete backup of the phone before you do anything else with it. The Apple iCloud is a great way to archive the data on your iPhone. However you decide to store the data, make sure that your new phone will be able to read the storage media. Otherwise, you may have a backup that does you no good when you're ready to restore it.

Unpair Any Linked Devices

Whether you have an iPhone with a linked Apple Watch or another smartphone with linked personal devices, the first thing you should do is to back up all of the data from that device and then disconnect it from the phone. Make sure that the link is cleared before you do anything else with the phone. Once you have your new phone, you can relink the item and restore your backup to the new phone.

Turn Off Any Locator Apps And Personalized Tools

When you install a theft-prevention app or an activation lock, it helps you to locate your phone in the event that it's lost. The activation lock keeps others from resetting and stealing your phone, too. Before you give your phone away, you need to make sure that you turn those tools off and unregister them. That way, the new owner can use whatever tools they wish.

Reset Your Phone's Factory Settings

Almost every smartphone comes with an option to restore the phone to its factory settings. This will erase all of your personal data, eliminate all of the configurations you've set, and return the phone to the condition it was in when you first took it out of the box. It's important that you do this, because it ensures that whoever gets your phone is unable to access any of your personal information. They will have to set the phone up just like if they'd bought it brand new.

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