High Intensity Headlights: What To Know

Once a bulb in your headlights burns out, you already know you'll need to replace it in order to drive on dark nights. The type of bulb you'll get to replace it, however, may still be a mystery. High intensity discharge (HID) or xenon bulbs might not be well known to you, but you may wonder if they're a better choice for you if you're replacing a different type of bulb. What's so great about HID bulbs?

They're Brighter Than Other Bulbs

If your vehicle is like many, the manufacturer likely installed halogen bulbs inside the headlamps. While functional, you may have wished at times for brighter lights so that you could see the environment better. High intensity lighting makes this possible for you. Instead of a small spot of yellowish light, with xenon bulbs you'll have a whiter, brighter light.

Because xenon lights are so much more brighter than some of the headlights you'll be encountering on the road, it's worth noting you'll have to be diligent about ensuring that high beams aren't on when you're near other vehicles; they may have difficulty seeing if you blast them with too much light.

They May Increase Safety

Because your vehicle will cast much more light on roadways, you will have a greater opportunity to see signs and avoid any obstacles. If you're someone who works late or does a great deal of night driving, you might feel quite a bit safer being out driving with high intensity headlights.

They Last Longer Than Other Bulbs

High intensity bulbs can, at first, seem more expensive than halogen bulbs. However, over time you'll see savings because HID bulbs, on average, outlast other bulbs. The greater cost you might pay upfront will become negligible when you notice that you're not replacing bulbs as often.

They're Less Strain on the Battery

Another benefit of high intensity xenon bulbs is that they will require less of your vehicle insofar as energy is concerned. They use less energy over time when compared to the alternatives. This is good news for the battery and alternator which generally power your vehicle. Energy can be conserved for other car components.

Knowing these xenon bulb details, you might begin thinking about using them in your own vehicle. This is a project you might want to attempt yourself; pick up an HID retrofit bulb kit and talk with HID bulb retailers to learn more.