How To Change From Incandescent To LED Lights In Your House

LED lights are an energy-efficient way to light your home. LED lights use less power and last longer than traditional incandescent lights. They will save you money on your energy costs and greatly reduce how often you have to change your light bulbs. LED light bulbs can last years.

Start by Changing Out Recessed Can Lights

The first lights that you should change to LED lights in your home are the recessed can lights. Recessed can lights are the lights that usually use the most energy in your home, which is why they should be the first lights that you should replace. Also, recessed can lights can be the hardest lights in your home to access, so the sooner you replace them, the longer it will be before you have to change them again.

You will need to purchase LED lights for your recessed can lights, make sure that you purchase Led lights that has been retrofitted for that type of layout.

Move onto Outdoor Lights

Second, replace any outdoor lights you have with LED lights. Outdoor flood lights also tend to demand a high amount of energy, and switching to LED flood lights instead will have an impact on your energy bill. LED flood lights have become more affordable with time, so this is a good investment to make. Unlike recessed can lights, flood lights are usually easier to access.

Then Change Open Fixtures

Third, move back inside of your house and change out lights that are in open fixtures. LED lights work between when air is able to circulate freely around the bulb. LED lights will last longer in open fixtures compared to closed fixtures, giving you the greatest degree of benefit.

Finish with Enclosed Fixtures

Finally, finish by changing out the light bulb with closed fixtures. When the fixture is more closed, air is not able to flow as freely around the light bulb. The build-up of heat can impact the energy efficient nature of your LED light bulbs, making LED light bulbs the least effective inside of closed features. Even when inside of a closed feature though, LED light bulbs are still more energy efficient than incandescent lights.

You don't need to switch to LED lights in all of your fixtures at once; that can be expensive. Instead, start by changing out the lights in your home that use the most amount of energy, such as the recessed can lights and outdoor flood lights. Finish up by changing out the lights in open fixtures, then enclosed fixtures as you transform all of your lights from incandescent to energy-efficient LED lighting.