3 Ideal Places Where Digital Signage Can Do The Most For Your Sporting Venue

No matter what size sports venue you're working with, digital signage can do a lot for it. However, you must place your digital signs where they will do the most for your sporting venue. Location is the key, and here are a few locations where you should consider adding custom sports digital displays at your venue.

1. Front and Center at the Entrance or Reception Area

Having a digital display right where people can see when they arrive can increase fan engagement before they even step foot into the venue. It can also create a sense of action to help attendees get ready for the main event.

All the while, you can use those displays to show relevant information. With a digital display, you don't have to choose one or two things, you can show some or all the following:

  • Wayfinding information
  • Scheduling information
  • Branding information
  • Social media feeds
  • Welcome messages

Digital signage can also ease the wait or time spent on the line for attendees. Altogether, you can accomplish a whole lot with digital displays at the entrance of your venue.

2. In the Bathroom or Other Area Away from the Action

Digital signage can do a lot when it comes to bathroom breaks. Digital displays can help people locate restrooms and other areas away from the main part of the venue.

Inside of a bathroom, a digital display can keep people engaged or entertained. This can especially help with larger venues that may have lines inside and outside of the bathroom. And, just as with the entrance digital display, you're free to include any relevant information, images, or video you see fit.

3. Over or Around the Venue's Main Exit or Other Exits

Whenever someone leaves the bathroom, eating area, or the venue, custom sports digital displays can wave them goodbye. Your displays can help them find the way out, or direct them back to where they're most likely heading.

A large digital display at the venue's exit can invite attendees to come again. You can use them to display information about future events. You can also use them to advertise for other services you offer or for neighboring businesses.

You must decide the best placement for your custom digital displays. Consider what you want to accomplish with them. Also, consider areas where you know the highest amount of foot traffic will occur. Get creative with where you place your digital signage and see how it works for your sports venue.